Mon Plaisir

For those of you who still eat, or read about eating, you will have noticed a great haitus in this column. It’s not that Andre has stopped eating, or myself for that matter. If anything, the pace is relentless. I am eating for the upcoming Rossouw’s Restaurants, and Andre is eating to fulfil his life’s destiny.

But it is fitting that our lunch today warrants a new entry – because this restaurant was unusual in the Cape scene for its casual achievement.

It’s called Mon Plaisir and it’s at the bottom of the Hartenberg Road, of the Bottelary Road, Stellenbosch. Run by David and Celine, both Francophiles who previously moved around Africa and had a restaurant in Burkina Faso, they have now quietly opened this spot in the winelands.

It’s well worth a drive. From Bloemfontein. Just to see what a country restaurant could be. Clear flavours, good ingredients and a fine wine list (helped by a stellar selection of French wines). The menu is small and helped by a menu du jour: duck liver terrine, calamari salad, lamb noisette and flageolet, sirloin in a red wine reduction – this was our lunch, along with some Burgundy. The ingredients are fresh, the dishes are lovingly prepared, the place is neat and wonderfully tranquil (on a pond with a deck to enjoy) and the owners are on hand in the peaceful way of people who love food, and understand the dining experience.

You can’t buy this reality in food. You can’t train it. Get there.

021 865 2456. Wed-Sun lunch and dinner, but only lunch Sun.

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  1. We eat there last night and although I echo a lot of your sentiment described above, there was just a few things missing. The duck starter was superb, however the Prime Rib (although cooked correctly) didn’t come close to that of 96 Winery Road in terms of quality and taste. I don’t even think it was prime rib, but I didn’t want to argue with a frenchman… The chocolate biscuit which sounded so promising on the menu failed to deliver like the superb flourless chocolate cake I had at Lucky Store last week. I will give them another try though as the whole experience was quite refreshing and enjoyable. Perhaps I just ordered badly, which can happen in the best of restaurants.

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