Not Bowled over recently ran a very complimentary review of Bowl in the new Adderley Hotel downtown. Lunch there today told a somewhat different story.

The food is not without interest, but it’s clumsy. The sushi platter stumbled on poor glutinous sweet rice, while the mains lacked flavour. I had some (very average) butternut ravioli which was supposed to be “tossed” in okra which there was no sign of, my brother did better with some (tender) pork on an Asian noodle nest. This noodle swirl added little taste to the dish, but the pork was great and meltingly tender. Dessert, an alleged whisky creme brulee (‘scuse the missing accents), was poor, more a custard pie.

The service was good but strangely coy, as if I was complimenting them on their fabulous breasts. The wine list is a triumph, however, of simplicity and good picks, at reasonable mark-ups.

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  1. Hi JP

    Fantastic site.

    Ate at Bowl yesterday..was so disappointed, my visions of a steaming bowl of noodles topped with crisp and crunchy vegetables was not to be. Was I wrong to assume some more noodley things? We settled for the asparagus risotto, but despite the heavenly aromas of truffle oil and the lovely al dente asparagus,the fact that we were eating reconstituted risotto that looked more like scrambled eggs simply could not be disguised (i guess it didn’t help that the chef had told us that he was teaching a largely unskilled staff so many of the dishes were pre cooked – tricky). That said though, our Thai mussels were delicious – sweet ,salty and fragrantly spicy. We shared the pork belly and while it really was very tender with a lovely round of crisp skin, the noodles were more like reheated leftovers. Boo hoo for Bowl.

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