Slowines launched

[A HandtoMouth project]
In this fast-paced world we live in, it’s good to have a reminder that fast is not always better – in fact it can be just the opposite. Slowine is a new range of happily affordable wines that invite you to enjoy some quality time with friends and family. As the logo says: “time becomes precious when life rushes by” – and this wine is an invitation to stop and take some time out with these delightful, easy-drinking wines.

What’s interesting about Slowine is that it’s been made between friends and neighbours, all people who want to celebrate a well-lived life. Slowine is a joint project between wine-producers from around our Groenland Mountain, which stretches from Elgin to Villiersdorp. The partners are Paul Cluver, well-known for their elegant, cool-climate Elgin wines; Beaumont in Bot River, with its charismatic cellar and proud tradition of making site-expressive wines; Luddite, the boutique Shiraz-specialist on the superbly scenic Van der Stel Pass road; and Villiersdorp Co-op, a truly traditional co-operative with a warm heart and welcoming wines.

In other words, Slowine embraces all corners of the mountain and the people of the mountain. There is a good reason why these neighbours got together, for this is a unique and special place – the mountain has recently been proclaimed the first Wine and Biodiversity Route in the world, called the Green Mountain Eco Route. This route is dedicated to the preservation of our environment, and it is also about local food, wine and outdoor fun on the mountainsides.

The new Slowines take the tortoise as their emblem, he’s a symbol that fast is not always better – as in the parable of the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise is also a reminder of all the valuable fauna and flora that we have on the Groenland Mountain, much of it rare and endemic. Taking some time out to enjoy these surroundings is part of what the Slowines invite you to do.

The wines in the Slowine range include a fresh Chenin Blanc-Sauvignon Blanc, an ideal anytime drink with its friendly fruity nature; a dry Rosé that’s balanced and refreshing; a Merlot with soft, juicy fruits and chocolate notes; and a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon which is ideal for braai-time. The Slowines are available at the Paul Cluver tasting room and cost between R25 and R40 a bottle.