Testing service

In my restaurant guide, I score each place out of ten for their service, and it is a category where very few places climb to the highest points. Service is often friendly but usually ignorant and untrained. So the problem clearly lies with the management, though there is some mitigation in the fact that the staff are often temporary students, and training them would be an altruistic act. On the other hand, the staff would stay on if the profession was considered more noble, and not just a part-time affair. So they work for tips, and the clever ones work the customer most charmingly, but usually with little associated food or wine knowledge.
Murray Weiner at Porcupine Hills is concerned enough to be thinking about an academy. Chatting about all this, we also came up with the idea of an experiment where we test wine knowledge and etiquette at a restaurant by ordering and repeatedly declining bottles for spurious reasons. Mean, maybe, but could be interesting. I guess you’d have to repeat the experiment at various places to learn anything useful though.