The “romance” of cork

On Friday, three bottles of wine compromised by cork:
Bottle one – a corked wine, spoilt by TCA in the cork.
Bottle two – an oxidised wine, compromised by a leaking cork.
Bottle three – a dry cork that broke in the neck, so that the cork had to be pushed through – not the most elegant action at a restaurant table.

4 Replies to “The “romance” of cork”

  1. I had the same experience last weekend. Out of 6 bottles taken to a restaurant three were corked, being an Alphonse Mellot ’04 Sancerre, a Paul Pernot ’05 Bourgogne and a Kanonkop Pinotage ’00. All in all about R600 worth of wine down the drain. I have been using Diam for about two years and stand very positive (for a micro-producer it is a much more practical and economical option than screwcaps).

  2. Diams have a good rep as I understand it. Pieter, that is a shameful waste that you list, at least some of my wines were readily replaceable. It is a form of stupid arrogance that we are held hostage to these bad corks. R600 for the cost of what – less than R25?

  3. Diam is an excellent product. Several intensive trials have been done and tonns of marketing with it. It has been a battle to actually get wineries such as Vergelegen and Diemersfontein to actually try and test it, but is was worth it! Diam is one of the best closures this market has seen in a long time and I believe it might just stay that way!

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