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Helping Bruce Robertson, previously of one.waterfront at the Cape Grace, with the wine list for his new restaurant – the name at this point secret, but scheduled to open sometime in February. It’s sure to get foodies in the door with some innovative ideas. For example, he is going to cook in front of everyone and the space is laid out so that most people have a line of sight to the pass. Also, the room adjoins a luxury car dealer… with views of the marques, so if you feel the urge to spoil yourself after a few bottles of fine wine, you needn’t travel.
Speaking of the fine wine, the idea is to stock the list with interesting and unusual wines, and also to make sure that the list offers fair value for money. One way of doing this (one I am keen on) is to have a flat rand-based mark-up, so that the price reflects the winery’s selling price, with something added for the service. Where this will show most clearly is on the wines that are usually very expensive on lists, because the restaurants whack great surcharges onto these wines. But here it will get the same rand mark-up as the most modest wine on the list. Probably a different flat rate for whites than reds though.

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  1. Ever since I heard that Bruce is opening a restaurant I have been waiting in anticipation to start eating. The propect of good food combined with affordable, interesting and unusual wines is a fantastic one. In a city where restaurants overprice wines as the norm it will be refreshing to be presented with an honest winelist. I can’t wait for “sometime in February” to dawn.

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